A note from Krista:

As December has unfolded I’ve felt an aching desire to sit with the far-flung community that is On Being. We’re going to do that on Monday, December 21 — the shortest day of the year, the winter solstice — and draw on each other’s light. The Zoom Room will be wide open for as many as register, and so will Facebook Live: Infinite and Eternal, our digital spaces. You can register now and invite others, all are welcome, details below. 

I’m feeling a bone deep exhaustion now, yet I’m also feeling a resistance to the softness and rest that this season urges. There is too much to do to rest. And to be soft in the face of all that has happened in 2020 — that is a world of hurt I’m not sure I can bear. My experience of this season’s impulse to look back and take stock has a new intensity too. There is a great deal I long to recover about pre-pandemic life. But I don’t want to go back to a “normal” that would lose all that this year taught and gave us to live into. 

Which is another reason I want to gather: we need to accompany each other right now and beyond this season, in what none of us is called to bear and do alone. To honor the many losses we scarcely know what to do with. To dwell with reverence before our exhaustion and our resilience. To cultivate the expectant waiting that is the spirit of Advent. To ponder how we want to live once the virus releases us back to each other. 

We’ve updated the Care Packages from earlier this year, and will be re-releasing some of their shareable offerings in our digital and social media spaces this week too. Here’s the piece we excerpted from my long-ago conversation with Rachel Naomi Remen (to send out to health care workers and care givers earlier this year) which continues to feel more resonant to me than ever before. Her framing of the difference between curing and healing is helping me hold the peril and possibility of this time together, my reality base about our fracture together with my choice and muscle of hope.

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Again, sign up here for next Monday’s gathering. Lucas will join me, and we will hold a space for all that we’re carrying out of this year and into the next. 

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